Nike Air Max 1 was introduced back in 1987, bringing to light one of the most revolutionary technologies to date. It was Nike shoe designer, Tinker Hatfield, who had the idea of baring to the world, Nike’s Air Cushioning Technology that had been in use for 10 years before but was kept out of sight. The Nike Air Max 1 was an instant hit and continues to be a favorite for many sneaker lovers almost three decades later. The standout feature of the Nike Air Max 1 sneaker is the midsole’s air-filled heel but it is not the only feature that is noteworthy. Fashioned after the Pompidou Center in Paris, a landmark that appears to expose its insides, the Air Max 1 has a silhouette that says ‘unique’, complemented by a cheese bottom that has made it turn heads from day one. The inside is plush and spongy, adding to the role of the cushioned air inside the midsole. Also, the prominent Nike symbol by the ankle area adds real credence to its eye-catching appeal.


Nike Air Max 1 Master

Nike Air Max 1 Master Source: Nike will continue the Air Max celebrations in 2017 with a global release this week of the Nike Air Max 1 [...]