The new adidas J Wall 2 sneakers have just been released and they look to be the next hot thing that will help build this line's legacy. A player who is rated as one of the best point guards in the NBA deserves a shoe that helps take his game to a whole new level while expressing his skillfulness. The second in the line of his signature hard court footwear is designed to assist Wall (and adidas fans) with his explosive play while giving him an air of casual coolness and sophistication.

With the market still getting accustomed to the first J Wall shoe, the adidas J Wall 2 Sneaker, which was just released, seems to seal the deal that they are here to stay. Adidas are known for being associated with the best players from different sporting disciplines, so the fact that they have decided to make a second J Wall shoe speaks volumes about their confidence in what the player can bring to the table. Wall has only been too happy to show them off, his videos and comments helping to increase its popularity.


The word BOLD springs to mind when looking at the new adidas J Wall 2 sneaker; maybe even brash. Based on Wall’s approving comments about the shoe, it would seem the designers got it right, with the shoe managing to express his sense of style and fashion in an eye-catching and compact package. While it is visually appealing, it feels just as good due to a number of technologies at work in the shoe.

To begin with, the shoe’s super structure is built on Quickframe, which makes it lighter than it looks while cushioning the feet from impact. Additionally, adiprene+, which is a form of foam cushioning, enhances foot comfort and flexibility, whether you’re making fast moves like Wall or just casually strolling down the street. Finally, the adidas J Wall 2 shoe is dressed up in graphics that will turn heads everywhere. They include the bold, criss-crossed JW logo, textured prints from animals, and a number of signs and symbols that tell little stories about Wall’s life.


J Wall seems intent on taking the Wizards all the way to the top, especially with the support of his all new adidas J Wall 2 sneakers. Whether he is successful or the shoe fulfills its potential are yet to be seen. One thing is for sure, they rock!

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