The new Nike KD 8 Basketball shoes prove once again that the sneaker franchise is not only suitable for the courts but is also made for the streets. With a revamped design, interesting colorways and sharp cuts, the eighth instalment of the signature shoe for basketball star, Kevin Durant, is nothing short of an eye-catching kick with icon potential.

When Kevin Durant arrived on the scene, it was obvious that there was something special about him; something that set him apart and placed him alongside greats that had gone before him. Hence, it was no surprise that he followed a similar route taken by a handful of basketball’s finest when he landed a shoe deal with Nike in 2007. Although not yet reaching the heights of success enjoyed by iconic shoes, such as Air Jordans, each KD has successively grown in popularity. As a result, the KD 8, which was released in June 2015, could very well turn out to be the one to seal the KDs place in history as a staple sneaker possessing authentic street cred.


Unique styling and detailing sets the Nike KD 8 Basketball shoe apart from its predecessors, making it even more visually appealing in comparison. To begin with, keeping consistency with a rumor claiming that the sneaker was inspired by a tattoo of a saber-toothed tiger on Durant’s leg, it effortlessly combines smooth lines and an endearing ruggedness. In addition, it is made for stability and comfort, featuring a raised heel counter, a bouncy rubber outsole with an advanced pattern for superior traction, cutting-edge Phylon midsole offering unmatched cushioning, and a woven upper consisting of Nike’s Flyweave material and genuine Flywire lacing. One of the standout visual design elements of the shoe is a cleft at the back, above the heel, which is said to represent the enormous canine fangs of the saber-toothed tiger.

As winter approaches, Nike’s KD 8 basketball shoes are seen as a viable option for sneaker lovers and Durant’s fans who not only have an interest in the sport, but also want to keep the feet warm and comfy. It doesn’t hurt that the shoe is also a head turner.

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