Year 2021 marked the return of the Adidas TRX Vintage retro sneaker which we came across recently and had the chance to review its features. This model was first released in 1970 as a marathon runner, being considered at that time a performance running shoe. Back then Adidas was the leader in athletic footwear, manufacturing specific styles for various sports. The German manufacturer mostly kept it in their vault until recently when they brought it back in a few new colorways, making it one of the most exciting releases among the adidas retro shoes this year. 

How They Fit 

It was the blue and white pair that we got our hands on in 2023 when they went on sale from their $100 retail price. We could not miss this opportunity to buy such a rare find and we are glad we did so. They came in the classic blue box that Adidas uses for most of their styles. At a first look they reminded us of the Hamburg model that has a similar design for the midsole. They fit true to size but they run narrow. Therefore, going a half size up is recommended for those with slighter wider feet. They are as comfortable as you’d expect from a retro shoe, with little to no time needed to break them in. If still in doubt, you can check our adidas size chart here

adidas TRX Vintage Blue 1

adidas TRX Vintage Blue 3


The upper is a classic setup with a nylon base and suede overlays. This makes them fairly breathable and quite durable given on how well the nylon holds up over time. There is virtually no padding in the collar area and the tongue, likely to keep them lightweight as a marathon running shoe back in the day. While there is not much cushioning they mold nicely to your feet and make up for a nice pair of retros for casual wear. Their running days are long gone and we did not expect to find out otherwise with this recent adidas TRX Vintage review. Overall the upper is very similar to the styles of that era. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit is made of an engineered EVA foam similar to the one from the ZX 750 that is fully exposed and a rubber outsole with a pattern that ensures maximum traction. Overall the sole is a bit stiff which gives some stability to the shoe but also adds some weight. The whole setup actually recommends this shoe for trail activities, whether it is light running or just walking. That is where you’ll get most out of this shoe given the outsole pattern. There is a removable EVA insole that adds some extra cushioning but overall the comfort is pretty dull. This is the type of shoes a collector will like to have due to how rare it is to see it on the shelves, not much the type of shoe that someone will want to wear every day.

adidas TRX Vintage Blue 2

adidas TRX Vintage Blue 4

Bottom Line

Doing this adidas TRX Vintage review was a good opportunity to revisit this old timer. It is a rare find that the ones that like to boost a retro look will surely be excited about. It is not, however, a very versatile shoe. You can wear it casually or even on light off road runs but that’s about it. It is a durable shoe given the material used and the whole craftsmanship quality from adidas. For collectors is surely a must have.