If you are looking for a pair of Adidas Originals retro shoes to wear this year there are quite a few options to look at. Ever since the early ‘60 when they came out with the Superstar, the German brand has been a leader on the footwear market and beyond. The collaboration with Stan Smith in the 70’s is one of the first collaborations of this kind, something that we see so often nowadays. Styles like the Campus, Samba and Gazelle are just a few more of the ones that were incorporated in the 80’s cultural movement. These models and many more from that era have served as an inspiration starting point for many of the modern styles we see around today.  

Every year Adidas makes sure that several of their classics are present on the market along with their new models. In this article we’ve selected a few that you can still find in several colorways and most sizes available. 

adidas Originals Samba

adidas Samba

Retail Price: $100

The oldest shoe on our list is the adidas Samba, one that was first introduced in 1950 as an indoor soccer shoe. The silhouette was slightly modified over the decades but it remained mostly true to its initial looks. Like the other adidas retro shoes on this list it was absorbed into the street culture but it still remains to this day an excellent soccer shoe. Its signature design features are the T shaped suede overlay in the toe box area and an elongated tongue that is still used for some of its versions. The Samba is also the cheapest shoe on this list at $75 retail.

adidas zx 750 black green red

adidas ZX 750

Retail Price: $100

Another sneaker from the 80’s is the adidas ZX 750, one that is making a comeback every now and then with new and retro colorways. This one was part of the ZX series which included running shoes that adidas was introducing at the time featuring new and exciting technologies. Among them was the Torsion plate and a more breathable upper mesh. The upper of the ZX 750 has an elaborated design that makes it quite distinct from any other Adidas classic. This is an excellent every day sneaker if you’re looking to boost some retro looks.

adidas Superstar white black red

adidas Superstar

Retail Price: $100

The adidas Superstar has been one of the most recognizable silhouettes on the market for decades. Initially designed as a basketball shoe, it was a big part of the 80’s hip hop culture and beyond. The Superstar shares with the Pro Model the shelltoe feature that is its signature piece of design. Since its initial release there have been countless colorways released with the black and white being the most popular. This is a solid all around shoe that still has some of its athletic flair and durability for any occasional play.

adidas Campus 00

adidas Campus

Retail Price: $110

The Campus is another Adidas Originals retro shoe that made a comeback this year. While the classic version is mostly available on eBay and adidas.com, another version has surfaced in 2023. This is the Campus ‘00 which was inspired by the bulky designs of the skate shoes of the 2000. This version features a heavy padded tongue and heel collar, something that skaters surely love. Also the design was updated with oversized side stripes for a more bold design. Whether you like this version or the classic one, this is surely one to consider.

adidas Top Ten Team USA

adidas Top Ten Hi

Retail Price: $100

One of the original performance basketball shoes, the Adidas Top Ten has made a comeback in recent years with an ample offer for the current one.  The hi top classic silhouette made of leather with a nicely padded heel collar is a versatile shoe for those looking for an everyday shoe while hitting the basketball court occasionally. It is an excellent back to school sneaker to consider given its style and durability. While it retails for $100 it can be often found on sale so you can get even more value out of it.

adidas TRX brown

adidas TRX Vintage

Retail Price: $100

Along with the usual classic sneakers Adidas pulls off from their vault every once in a while a model we rarely see. That is the case with one of the brand’s original marathon runners, the Adidas TRX Vintage which came back on the shelves in 2023. There are 3 colorways available in blue, brown and green, all complimenting this design nicely. This is surely a sneaker for those looking to stand out from the crowd. We’ve reviewed this style recently so if you want to find out more you can check it out here. 

adidas gazelle navy

adidas Gazelle

Retail Price: $100

The Gazelle is another Adidas Originals Retro shoe that has made a strong comeback in the last couple of years with plenty of colorways still available for purchase. Much like the Samba it features a T shaped suede overlay but without the slim, indoor soccer silhouette look. If you’re into classics this is surely one you cannot go wrong with. It features a durable leather upper and a simple design that is nowadays as stylish as ever. Much like others on this list it can be found on sale on eBay and other sites.

adidas stan smith white green

adidas Stan Smith

Retail Price: $100

The best selling shoe from Adidas, the Stan Smith could not miss from this list. The German brand has been making sure to keep it on the market constantly, with special editions released every once in a while. This was one of the first athlete endorsed sneakers ever and surely one of the most successful on the footwear market. The simplistic design has been a hit for both men’s and women’s for decades. They feature a smooth leather that molds nicely to your feet and offer a timeless look.

Despite countless newer silhouettes released constantly, the Adidas Originals retro shoes are in a league of their own. They remain as popular as ever due to their cool, retro looks and versatility. While they are no longer performance athletic shoes they are still very practical as all around everyday shoes. Older and new generations alike still very much appreciate their designs and durability.