In this article we’ll take a look at the Air Jordan Spizike and review its background and features. Like the original Jordan series, the Air Jordan Spizike sneakers have taken on a life of their own to become one of the most famous hybrid shoes in history. Created in honor of Spike Lee’s famous character, Mars Blackmon, the sneaker has managed to create its own sub-niche in a market that is still in love with the main Air Jordan line. Then again, that’s hardly surprising, since the shoe’s main components are taken from some of the most iconic Jordan kicks to have rocked the industry.

The Air Jordan Spizike hit the streets in 2006 and since then, the sneaker has become a favorite for many sneaker lovers and collectors. With Spike Lee contributing to the success of the Air Jordan line via his TV ads promoting several models of the brand, the decision was made to honor Lee with his own pair of kicks. As fate would have it, the resulting shoe, nicknamed “retro Frankenstein” at first, turned out to be a famous hybrid, consisting of different parts taken from five different Jordans.

There is not much that is original about the design of the Air Jordan Spizike sneakers, yet it manages to be unique in its own right. In fact, it is a Jorban at heart, boasting the DNA of so many of its predecessors. The Spizike is made from the sole of the Air Jordan III, the side wings from the IV, the Jordan V’s main body, which includes the mesh; the tongue and lace represent the Jordan VI and the distinctive back tab comes from the Air Jordan IX. Originally released in just two color ways, the Spizike’s popularity has resulted in numerous additions to the available colors, many of which are lively and eye-catching.     

Nine years since its initial release, the Air Jordan Spizike has earned its place among the top sneaker classics before and after its time. Its ties to an iconic actor and producer expands its status even more as a true celebrity sneaker.