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Since we recently got a pair of Jordan Dub Zero sneakers we decided to have a closer look and review its features. This style was first released in 2005 as part of the brand’s 20th anniversary. It was the first hybrid sneaker from Jordan, a concept that became popular over time. The idea was to celebrate the most popular Jordan retro editions by taking some of their defining elements and blend them together into a new sneaker. The Stay Loyal , Aura and the Point Lane are three of the latest hybrid models released recently. While not as popular as the first time they came out, the Dub Zero are certainly a pair that you want to have in your rotation.

We got a pair of the white, blue and black edition in 2022 which is almost identical to the one from 2005. They look quite dashing out of the box, with the laser printing and the patent leather standing out. They fit true to size yet are a bit snug due to their upper leather construction which may make it so you’ll need to wear them a few times to get comfortable in them. Jordan brand did not alter these much when it comes to their cushioning so the level of comfort is one that you’d expect from a sneaker from almost 20 years ago.


The upper of the Jordan Dub Zero is made of a combination of regular and patent leather. The latter stands out in the mudguard and the side of the shoe, a throwback to the Air Jordan 11. The side paneling is an element from the Air Jordan 13 where the dimples were replaced by a laser print that we first saw on the Air Jordan 20, a pair that was released in the same year with the Dub Zero. The laser print adds a level of sophistication to the shoe as well as a distinct look. In the tongue area we find the design from the Air Jordan 12 with the word two and the logo on display. There is just enough cushioning on the ankle area and tongue for some added support. These are clearly an everyday sneaker nowadays, something that we expected to conclude from this review, which is the case with most retro shoes.

Sole Unit

The sole unit is where the Air Jordan 4 comes to play, both in the shape of the midsole as well as the outsole pattern. There is an EVA insole that adds some cushioning on the inside while the visible Air Max unit in the heel is responsible for any bounciness you’ll get from these. The rest of the midsole is all EVA which is the standard feature for the sneakers of that era. The support they offer is decent for everyday use while not so much when it comes to using them on the court. 

Bottom Line

To conclude our short review, the Jordan Dub Zero is certainly a stylish retro shoe that encapsulates some of the brand’s history. While not as popular as back when it was first released it is still a collector’s item and not only. These go great with any everyday attire and they are comfortable enough to wear them casually. Their latest price tag of $160 retail seems a bit high but these are made to last and they have a level of scarcity that recommends them for the resellers market.  

Jordan Dub Zero Legend Blue

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