Since they began popping up almost 20 years ago the Jordan Hybrid shoes created a new line of sneakers from MJ’s brand. Up until then it was only models like the Jumpman Pro or Jumpman Pro Quick which were released outside the signature MJ line of sneakers. In 2005, as part of their 20th anniversary Jordan brand released the Jordan Dub Zero, a retro inspired sneaker that combined elements from the AJ 3,4, 6 and 11. It was followed just a year later by the Jordan Spiz’ike, a homage to Spike Lee and his work with the brand. The next one to follow was in 2008 when the Jordan 6 Rings came out, an homage to the shoes Michael Jordan wore during his Championship wins. The idea of Jordan Hybrid shoes caught up and the brand continued to come up with new twists on their retros year after year. Among others there were the Jordan 6-17-23, the Son of Mars and a whole series of Air Jordan Fusion sneakers that was not that successful despite a whole bunch of them being released. All in all, to this day the 6 Rings, Dub Zero and the Spiz’ike remain to this day the most popular hybrids ever released. 

Recently, given the scarcity of the retro models given by the ever growing hype around the Jordan brand used this idea to come up with less expensive, more accessible models. The Aura and Stay Loyal ones have turned into series, with a new model being issued almost every year recently. In this article we included some of them among the more well known ones. These are sneakers that keep the quality and craftsmanship from the brand and borrow elements from the classic in a way to create affordable lifestyle sneakers that still do well on the court.

Jordan 6 Rings Concord

Jordan 6 Rings

Retail Price: $170

This sneaker was introduced in 2008 and featured elements from the AJ 6,7,8, 11,12,13 and 14, all retro versions that MJ wore during the seasons he won. Due to its popularity it’s been a part of regular releases from the brand in the recent years. It is a great example of why the idea of hybrid sneakers has been so popular over the years. Like for most others Jordan uses the same materials and technology like back in the day yet they are still a good option on the court and will not only score points on looks.

Jordan Dub Zero Legend Blue

Jordan Dub Zero

Retail Price: $160

The Dub Zero is the original hybrid in many’s opinion, even if the brand experimented with the Air Jordan 1.5 and the 18.5 introduced in the prior years. Even if the elements borrowed from the AJ 3,4,6 and 11 are quite striking, the sneaker features a laser engraved pattern on the upper leather that is unlike any other and gives this sneaker its own flair, something that many others from this series lack and thus are easy to be forgotten. The “Legend blue” version is one that has been brought back due to its popularity.

Jordan Stay Loyal black crimson

Jordan Stay Loyal

Retail Price: $110

The Jordan Stay Loyal was first introduced in 2021, being part of the “Loyal” hybrid series that also the Be Loyal was part of just a couple of years prior. It combined elements from the AJ 11 and the AJ12 to create an affordable sneaker that retailed for only $110. Jordan came out with it without sacrificing quality and sneakerheads took notice. Even if it was not a hyped sneaker it was quite popular, so much so that a second version with a different upper setup was introduced in 2023.

Jordan Point Lane black white

Jordan Point Lane

Retail Price: $140

The Jordan Point Lane is also a quite recent model that was released in 2021. While more subtle, the elements from the retros are there. The AJ 3,5,6,7 and 11 designs all contributed to this new hybrid. Given its low key look and robust feel it was adopted by many outside the sneakerheads sphere as an all around athletic sneaker that you can wear casually but also in the gym or on the court. It is a solid sneaker that will likely make a comeback soon with new colorways

Jordan Aura 2 white gray blue

Jordan Aura 2

Retail Price: $120

Another low key Jordan Hybrid sneaker is the Aura 2 introduced just a few years ago. The Aura series includes four editions so far but our favorite remains the 2nd edition. This one combines elements of the AJ 10 and 11 to create something similar to the Stay Loyal, a solid sneaker that is also quite affordable. While not a performance basketball shoe it is a versatile sneaker that is durable and stylish. Given the history of the series it is very likely that Jordan brand will continue to come up with more.

The Jordan hybrid shoes are something to look for and, for the most part, they are a quite affordable way to own a piece of history if you did not get the chance to add a retro to your rotation. Especially with the ones retailing around $100 you can make these a “beater” and protect your more valuable sneakers from the roughness of the court.