One of the most sought for hybrids on the market, the Jordan 6 Rings is the next in line for a review this week. This sneaker falls in the same category with the Stadium 90Dub Zero , Jumpman 2021 , Legacy 312 and Stay Loyal, as hybrid sneakers built with various elements from the Jordan retro line. It was first released in 2008 and since then it has been brought back many times in various colorways. As the name suggests it is a homage to the sneakers MJ wore during his 6 winning championship runs, from ‘91-’93 and then again after his comeback from ‘96-’98.

Are Jordan 6 rings popular?

The Jordan 6 rings was immensely popular when it was released in 2008 but over time it lost its appeal to sneakerheads as the perception over hybrid sneakers has changed. The first models from the Air Jordan retro line remain the most prized today. This is however regarded as one of the best hybrid sneakers ever released, even by the doubters. Given that you can often find it a a price lower than the retros it was inspired from it became popular with teens looking for a cool pair of retro inspired basketball shoes.

How They Fit

The pair we got is a 2022 release, the “Concord ” colorway that is an AJ 11 reference already complemented by the patented mudguard and rand. Jordan brand kept the original look of the box in its effort to make it a throwback to the retros of that era. Out of the box they fit a bit snug and a bit difficult to put on due to the extra padding in the heel area. They fit small so going a half size up was best for me.  They are pretty lightweight given the upper materials and that they are a mid top sneaker. If not sure about your size you can check out our Jordan size chart here.

Jordan 6 Rings 322992 1044

Jordan 6 Rings 322992 1043


The upper of the Jordan 6 Rings we got features a solid mesh upper combined with patented leather. The mesh material is placed to provide some air flow while also enhancing flexibility. The pattern for the mesh the from AJ11 and one that we’ve seen before at another hybrid, the Jordan Aura. The patented leather from the AJ11 dominates the upper layout but more discrete elements from the other retros are present throughout; the AJ 6 heel pull tab and laces front lock piece, the AJ 7 side perforations for more breathability, the AJ 8 circular patch on the tongue and side velcro straps, the AJ 12 by the tongue lettering and lastly the AJ 14 by the logo in the forefront. Overall the upper offers a nice lockdown fit enhanced by the side straps and plenty of room in the toe box area which makes it a good fit for even those with wider feet. The heel padding surely adds some extra to the snug fit of this shoe but it may take a bit of time to get used to it, especially because it gets a bit in the way when you try to put these on. Otherwise all the elements from older models blend quite nicely and effectively to create a very comfortable shoe. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit is pretty much identical to the one from the Air Jordan 13 with a minor difference, the carbon fiber plate on the outsole being replaced by a TPU one with a similar look. Given how appreciated the 13s were on the court this is good news for those eyeing the 6 Rings model. This means that it features a Zoom unit in the heel area and one in the forefront, a technology that is very much in sync with many more recent models. The midsole is made of Phylon foam which offers the right amount of bouciness and energy return. We were not surprised to conclude during our short review that the Jordan 6 Rings is still a quite competitive basketball shoe which makes it even better than many other classics. In fact it has become over time the preferred basketball shoe for those who prefer to keep their retros from being destroyed on the court. It is a durable shoe that offers great stability and it is very supportive all while boosting a cool, retro look.

Jordan 6 Rings 322992 1042

Jordan 6 Rings 322992 1041

Are Jordan 6 Rings Comfortable?

The Jordan 6 Rings is comfortable straight out of the box offering a nice lockdown fit, with additional support from side straps and ample room in the toe box area. The upper is well cushioned and in combination with the EVA insert provides a nice, soft fit as you put them onThe combination of the Zoom unit in the heel with the Phylon foam provides the right amount of balance and energy return. 

Are Jordan 6 Rings good for basketball?

For a retro inspired sneaker the Jordan 6 Rings is doing very well on the court in terms of performance. The combination of a secure lockdown fit, support from side straps, and ample room in the toe box enhances the overall stability and comfort during basketball activities. Additionally, the sole unit, reminiscent of the Air Jordan 13, features a Zoom unit in the heel and forefront, along with a Phylon foam midsole, providing the right amount of cushioning, bounce, and energy return. The durable construction and supportive design make the Jordan 6 Rings a preferred basketball shoe for those who want to maintain a retro look while enjoying high-performance features on the court.

Bottom Line 

To conclude our Jordan 6 Rings review, this is a sneaker that gained its place among the best hybrids from the brand. It is very much a great shoe for basketball as well as for everyday wear. It offers support for long hours and great stability and traction when used for athletic activities. It is a sneaker that will continue to reappear on the market with new and old colorways. However, if you’re looking for a more modern look you can check out the newer Jordan styles like the Nike Zoom Freak 4 or Jordan  Luka 1