Today we’ll review one of Nike’s latest models in their Air Max line of sneakers, the Flyknit Racer, a remake of the original. This style was released in the spring of 2022 and it’s a hybrid sneaker, a combination of the Flyknit Racer running shoe and the more recent Air Max Pre-Day. It is also part of Nike’s Move To Zero campaign so it’s built with at least 20% recycled materials, much like the Air Max 2021, the DBreak Type or the Nike Waffle that we’ve reviewed recently. This also means that they come in the cardboard colored box with no paper inside so you can feel better about yourself when buying these since there’s less waste. 

How They Fit

Out of the box the Nike Air Max Flyknit Racer feels very light, something what you’d expect if you are familiar with the original runner released eight years ago. They feel great on foot as you put them on with no need to break in. They fit a bit different than your usual Nike shoe as they run large. You may want to go a ½ size down for these and, if unsure about your size you can check our Nike shoes size chart here.

DJ6106 002 Air Max Flyknit Racer 4

DJ6106 002 Air Max Flyknit Racer 2


The upper of this shoe is pretty much identical with the Nike Flyknit Runner. The synthetic leather materials in the heel and lace system areas is what Nike added to make this shoe more versatile and move away from the running shoe only look of the original. Being part of the Move To Zero campaign means that the Flyknit material contains recycled materials. This is probably why the mesh upper feels a bit more rough and sturdier than the runner. It is however still very breathable and it molds on your feet nicely, making room for even those with wider feet. Compared with the Flyknit Runner the toebox is a bit more roomier. The texture of the upper mesh follows the original concept where some areas are more dense than others to add support where is most needed. Since the upper is almost transparent in some areas it makes it a great everyday shoe for hot summer days but also in the gym where you need good support but also breathability. 

Sole Unit

The sole unit is basically the one from the Nike Air Max Pre-Day released in 2021. This switch from the EVA sole unit to the Air Max one makes this sneaker a more versatile one by adding more support, stability and energy return with every step. The Air Max unit is only restricted on top and bottom , leaving room to expand on the sides which makes it extra bouncy. Combined with the soft re-engineered EVA in the forefront it makes these shoes super comfortable and makes it so there’s less effort to walk around or run in these. What we came to realize during this Nike Air Max Flyknit Runner review is that this is the almost perfect everyday sneaker that will deliver whether you wear them all day, in school, at work or at the gym. It excels in the lifestyle sneaker category but it does pretty good in all other areas.

DJ6106 002 Air Max Flyknit Racer 3

DJ6106 002 Air Max Flyknit Racer 1

Are Nike Air Max Flyknit Racer good for running?

The Nike Air Max Flyknit Racer is a lifestyle sneaker rather than a running shoe. It is a hybrid of a true running shoe and a sneaker so you get a bit o both. That being said , the sole unit from this shoe is not great for long runs. For short, slow paced runs you can use the Nike Air Max Flyknit Racer but it will feel a bit clunky. There is quite a contrast between the minimalistic upper and the sole unit, one being super lightweight and the other with a more bold design.

Are Nike Air Max Flyknit Racer good for walking?

These are excellent walking shoes for warm summer days. The upper is very breathable while the sole provides a nice heel to toe transition. That is because you first get a nice shock absorption in the heel and a bounce back from the Air Max unit in the heel then a smooth transition to the well cushioned front made of EVA foam. This will give you a boost while you walk and will help keeping your feet from getting tired too fast.

Bottom Line

To conclude our Nike Air Max Flyknit Racer review, this is an excellent all around sneaker that is lightweight, sturdy and super comfortable for long hours. The retail price is a drawback for sure but since it’s been released for a while now you can find certain colorways at much lower prices. Various colorways are available in both men’s and women’s sizing with more to be released soon.