Already an Adidas classic, the Superstar has been given an eye-catching makeover in the form of the new Adidas Superstar Xeno sneakers. With the Xeno Black launched back in February, Adidas has wasted no time in adding to the line by releasing the Xeno Silver in early September.

Together, the two Xenos seem set to revolutionize the sneaker industry just like the original Superstar did in 1969 when it was first released. They have already been proven to be head turners thanks to a new Light Responsive Technology that makes the surface of the shoe look a lot like snakeskin. In fact, the shoe is named after a Southeast Asian snake known as the Xenopeltis, which is famous for its shiny, iridescent scales.

Known for its iconic shell-toe design and compactness, the overall shape and form of the Adidas Superstar has not changed much. However, the Superstar Xeno boasts a unique design that reacts to flashing lights. Under normal conditions, the black and silver color ways look nothing more than modern Superstars with panels of black and grey on the sides. However, when exposed to bright flashing lights, such as from a camera flash, the neutral tones suddenly spring to life.

For one, the Silver version looks literally like glittering bands of silver, which change in intensity based on the changing angles of light. On the other hand, the black Xeno changes to the full spectrum of the rainbow, with the colors shifting further as the angles change. This color-changing ability is due to a special 3M-like material that is not only reflective but responds to light. The package is completed by flexible synthetic leather that provides a comfortable fit, a plush midsole that cushions the feet and durable rubber outsole.

The Adidas Superstar Xeno is showing signs of taking the line up to even higher heights as the public catches on. Based on the Superstar’s legacy as one of the bestselling retro sneakers, it is really only a matter of time.

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