If you’ve been looking for an another way to celebrate the Pride month,  you may want to check out the latest Vans Rainbow shoes from the ongoing series. Ever since they came into the market Vans have been using the colorful pattern to decorate their classic skate shoes. Just recently, in April, Vans and skate shoes label Brother Marshall came up with a collection featuring all white Authentics with a rainbow sole. It was another inclusive move from the brand with  the message “Regardless of your color, creed, sexual preference, ripping ability, you are a Bro”. Another collaboration that followed up was the one with Dallas Clayton that also included a rainbow Authentic, inspired from the vibrant artwork of his children’s books. The color pattern has been featured over the years on all Vans classic styles including on their checkered shoes series.

The latest announced release is the Vans Authentic Rainbow Prism that will arrive at the beginning of June, the official LGBT Pride month. While there is no official connection to this annual event, this new shoe fits right in with the celebrations. It features a  prism pattern upper with classic white laces and sole.

With their happy, colorful looks, the Vans Rainbow shoes express a state of mind, one that so many people, regardless of age, can identify with. The brand has been coming up with new versions constantly and we expect them to continue to do so. Check out the links below for the latest releases from this series.