Pride Shoes – Celebrate the LGBTQ Community In Style2019-06-12T10:45:09-05:00

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Pride Shoes - Celebrate the LGBTQ Community In Style

The LGBTQ community have been celebrated for years with special edition Pride shoes that usually are being released before the beginning of the summer. June is recognized as the Pride month, with various events and parades taking place all over the world. Giving the high fashion sense they are also known for , it wasn't long until shoe manufacturers came up with some Pride versions of their products. Nike, adidas, Converse and Vans led the way in this movement, with many more following over the years. These brands not only celebrate inclusivity with the release of the Pride shoes but also donate a big chunk of the sales to the LGBTQ community. The Nike BETRUE , Converse and adidas Pride Collections have been the most consistent over the years, with various versions of classic or modern sneakers being released displaying the Pride rainbow colors.

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