Vans Checkered shoes have been around for decades and became a classic style that seem to never get old. The checkerboard on a pair of Vans is an idea inspired from the skaters who used pens to draw on the rubber sole such a pattern. It was back in the late 70's when the brand came up with their  Slip On shoe customized this way. In 1982 when the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High was released, Spicolli , the character played by Sean Penn wore a pair and turn them into a worldwide trend. The Vans checkered shoes quickly became very popular with the Ska bands in England who made them even more popular.

The unmistakable pattern was soon used by Vans on their Old Skool, Era or the Sk8 sneakers.  The checkered pattern was on display on the rubber sole but especially on the upper canvas. The colors used for the pattern became quickly a way for different movements to express and advocate their beliefs. The rainbow checkered shoes is a good example , many wearing them to express their support to the LGBTQ community. Recently they were featured in the Vans Harry Potter collection where different motifs were mixed in with the classic pattern.

So many years after their release, the Vans checkered shoes remain as popular as ever. The brand comes up constantly with new ideas to keep it fresh and in check with the times. The versatility of this simple pattern makes it easy adaptable to any idea. For this reason we can be certain that we'll see these around for the foreseeable future.  Check out the links below for the latest editions and best deals on these.

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