The Converse Leather Hi top sneakers are back this fall for another season. Over 100 years after it was introduced on the market, the Chuck Taylor silhouette is as popular as ever. The leather version of this shoe was part of the transition it had gone thru over the years from a basketball shoe to a street icon. It has became a regular appearance in the colder seasons, also being featured in countless collaborations such as the ones featuring Sex Pistols, Andy Warhol or Batman. The studded Converse leather sneakers are another popular look,  often seen in the John Varvatos series.

The Converse leather hi top is a great alternative to the classic canvas shoe. The brand uses quality leather upper to add protection and comfort during the fall and winter. Some versions feature sherpa lining to keep feet warm during the cold season. The upper logos are usually leather patches that add a nice detail to the shoes. The rest of the shoe stays true to the original, with a sturdy vulcanized sole that protects and last a long time. The combination of the upper leather and rubber sole makes it one of the most durable classic sneakers on the market today. The triple black and white versions have been a hit in the past several years with combinations of the two colors being the most common.

The Converse leather hi top is a classic in its own right decades after it was released. Check out the links below for the latest releases and best deals available on the market.

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