One of the trendiest sneakers from Adidas for the past couple of years , the Ozweego is up for a review this week. Adidas Ozweego has been a household name for decades, with the first version being introduced in 1996 as a running shoe. Due to its initial popularity the brand came up with three more versions in the following years only to drop it in 2000 once it became known more as a “dad’s shoe”, much like the Monarch or the 574. In recent years however Adidas brought back the old designs with some collabs, more specifically with Raf Simons who brought it back in the spotlight. Finally, in 2019 Adidas introduced the new Ozweego as part of a new line of modern sneakers inspired from some of Yeezy sneakers and not only. Later on the German brand introduced similar styles like the Ozelia and Ozrah, just to name a couple. The Ozweego has many elements similar to the Yeezy 500 and in many regards offers an even better value. While it does not feature any of the signature midsoles like the adidas Avryn does, the Ozweego surely gets a lot of attention with its silhouette. 

How They Fit

The pair we got our hands on is a 2022 release in beige/lilac color, one that is in line with most colorways for this style. This style was advertised by Adidas from the get-go, a lifestyle sneaker and that is pretty clear from when you take them out of the box. They look bulky, yet lightweight, streamlined with a runner look which checks all the boxes for what is trending nowadays. While they are quite wide they get narrow towards the front tip of the shoe which can make it tricky in terms of sizing. In my case since I have slightly wider feet I went with a half size larger and they fit great. They feel very comfortable from the beginning without any need to break them in. It is also a good idea to check out an Adidas sizing chart if not sure what size you need. 

adidas Ozweego lilac1

adidas Ozweego lilac3


The upper of the adidas Ozweego we got is a combination of mesh, suede and TPU overlays. Adidas has released several colorways with all leather upper for the cold season which tells us how popular this style is. The upper mesh adds some nice air flow to the upper while the suede overlays are a retro touch that never goes out of style. The signature nylon cable that runs from the heel throughout the lacing area adds, along with the leather tongue, a nice, distinct element of sophistication to the design. What we noticed during our adidas Ozweego review is that the upper construction makes it so they mold nicely to your feet, with instant comfort as you put them on. 

Sole Unit 

The sole unit has an aggressive design which gives this sneaker its bulky look. It has a wavy design that we also seen at other sneakers like the Nike Tech Hera. This is a trend that’s been going on for a few years and Adidas opted for it even if in doing so it limited its versatility. By making it an everyday shoe the trefoil brand has made sure that it will shine in this department. They did so by combining Adiprene. Adiprene+ and EVA in such a way that this is hailed by many as one of the most comfortable shoes on the market today, at least in its price range. Adidas had the sole unit designed to outline the main pressure points but also inserted the various materials in all the right spots. The Adiprene foam is placed in the heel for a soft landing and sock absorption while its Plus version is featured in the forefront for more energy return. The traditional EVA removable insole, along with the heel padding add an even more plushy feeling to the shoe. The outsole shape adds to the cushioning of the shoe and provides some decent traction except on wet surfaces when it can become a bit slippery.

adidas Ozweego lilac2

adidas Ozweego lilac4

Are Adidas Ozweego good for the gym?

The Adidas Ozweego, with its comfortable design, arch support, and innovative Neoprene foam technology, makes it a suitable option for gym workouts. The aggressive sole unit, combining Adiprene, Adiprene+, and EVA, ensures cushioning and support, making these sneakers capable of handling various gym activities. However, individuals with specific gym preferences, such as heavy weightlifting, might prefer specialized shoes.

Are Adidas Ozweego good for walking?

Yes, the Adidas Ozweego is well-suited for walking. The comfortable and cushioned design, along with the supportive arch and Neoprene foam technology, makes them an excellent choice for everyday activities, including walking. The outsole shape enhances cushioning, providing a plush feeling with each step. Additionally, the breathable mesh upper adds to the overall comfort, making them suitable for prolonged walking sessions.

Bottom Line

All in all, the adidas Ozweego offers a great value all while boosting a modern, stylish look. This is an excellent “beater” shoe that you can wear every day. They offer great arch support for long hours of wear and the cushioning and support don’t wear off easily thanks to the new technology Adidas implemented with the Neoprene foam. Available for both men and women, these come in a large array of colorways with surely more to come.